Strawberry Fields Forever

Daria - Strawberry Fields Forever - Cover

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Produced by Sam Bevan and Daria 
Instrumental Arrangements by Sam Bevan and Daria
Vocal Arrangements by Daria

Manny LaCarrubba  Tracking Engineer  Laughing Tiger Studios, San Rafael, CA
Mixing/Mastering, The Lab, Novato, CA
Jeremy Goody  Engineer  Megasonic Sound Studio, Oakland, CA
Amy Wigton  Engineer  Vocal Production and Overdubs, LapCat Studio, Novato, CA
Michael “Mikus” Dicus  2nd Engineer  Laughing Tiger Studios, San Rafael, CA
John Cuniberti  DDP File Creation, Oakland, CA

Cover Photo Susan Fan Brown
Cover Photo Editing Elissa Traher and Joseph Cohen
Inside Booklet Photo Eddy Bee Images
Cover Design & Layout  John Bishop

All Beatle’s Songs:
John Lennon and Paul McCartney (PRS) - (Sony/ATV Tunes LLC / ASCAP)
Icarus  Ralph Towner - (Distant Hills Music / ASCAP) 
Bye Bye Blackbird  Ray Henderson/Mort Dixon - (Olde Clover Leaf Music / Ray Henderson Music Co. Inc. / ASCAP)
She’s Going Home  Daria Mautner -  (Jazz ‘m Up Productions / ASCAP)

It's a voice that utterly captivated me the first time I heard it. The voice of Daria in action. No matter what she was singing, embracing the balladry of Great American Songbook standards, romping through familiar pop tunes, swinging jazz riffs, dipping into the roots of the blues and beyond. And it was vividly apparent, even in her early albums, that Daria was (and is) a singer with the talent to place her in the upper levels of the jazz vocal art. 

The proof, as always, is in the tracks. Daria’s versions of the songs, arranged by bassist Sam Bevan and Daria, are sheer magic. - It’ll be no surprise if Daria’s memorable version of 'Strawberry Fields Forever, Songs by the  Beatles’, really does last 'Forever’.

- Don Heckman
The International Review of Music